How We Cook

We really understand the cultural diversity that Indonesia has as well as the abundance of traditional foods owned.

Indonesian culinary tradition is full of distinctive flavours. Therefore, we effort to use quality ingredients and spices to maintain consistency of taste.


We are sincerely serving the food that has attracted the world's attention. Through caramelization techniques, we process fresh meat using coconut milk and spices such as chilli (lado), lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, ginger, garlic, shallots and various other spices that are mashed.

Cooking rendang requires patience as it must be continuously stirred until the coconut milk thickens and spices are completely absorbed. We highly appreciate the cultural meaning behind the dish. The four main ingredients such as meat, coconut, chillies, and spices symbolize the integrity of the Minang community.

Coconut Rice

Unlike general white rice, coconut rice is processed by first being roasted using coconut milk, bay leaves, lime leaves, laos, and lemongrass then steamed until cooked. We try to use fresh ingredients to produce rice with a savoury taste and fragrant aroma. We serve coconut rice with side dishes of boiled egg, grilled chicken breast, sliced cucumber, stir-fried tempeh, and chili sauce sambal which we prepare according to the taste of Indonesian.



Soto in Indonesia is a typical food that has different ways of serving according to the peculiarities of each region. We use whole free-range chicken to get a savoury broth from chicken bones that is boiled over low heat so that it comes out perfectly and the chicken meat is evenly tender. We get the distinctive aroma as well as the bright yellow colour for the soup from roasted turmeric. This yellow soup Soto offers the ultimate indulgence for you when served with warm rice and chilli sauce.


This famous Indonesian culinary is such the first journey step of Triple Hot Spicy's owner in the culinary business. Hence our passion for this culinary will no longer be doubted. We use high-quality halal beef for the meatball dough which is ground until smooth to produce meatballs with a soft texture. We make broth with selected spices to produce an original and delicious taste combine with fresh vegetables.


Putu Ayu 

Kue putu is one of Indonesia's traditional snacks. We make Putu Ayu Cake using low protein flour, eggs, coconut milk which coloured with natural dyes using suji leaf extract or green pandanus. It is then steamed and topped with grated coconut to produce a soft and sweet cake.

Es Cendol

Apart from dishes processing, we provide a typical Indonesian sweet dessert. To maintain the authenticity of the taste, we use natural dyes from pandan leaves as well as natural brown sugar as a sweetener. Moreover, We form rice flour droplets with a special technique to present this beverage to you as a memorable dessert dish.